Villa in Massa Lubrense| abode of Gioacchino Murat| view to Capri| Marina della Lobra| Vesuvius| terraces| solarium and large gardens for walks|

Villa Murat - La dimora su Capri

The address overlooking Capri

Between the enchanting island of Capri and the fascinating history

Suspended between the poetry of the enchanting seascape and the echoing pages of 8th century history, Villa Murat - The Abode overlooking Capri in Massa Lubrense, is an historical address of great emotional impact, an ecceptional venue for events and celebrations, luxury vacations or exclusive weddings, for ever-lingering moments of extraordinary intensity

Situated in the village of Santa Maria Annunziata, on the furthermost point of the peninsula, which descends towards San Liberatore and the Tower of Toledo, it is set in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Massa Lubrense:  from every window and balcony, from every terrace and from the solarium, one’s eyes fall upon Capri, Ischia, Marina della Lobra and Vesuvius, which, it seems, one can touch with an outstretched hand.

As one crosses the mafnificent entrance, one feels the tranquility of the place, where elegance and class unite with a past rich in history: it was right here, as the inscription on the front of the villa gives testimony, that in 1808, Gioacchino Murat, King of Naples, planned the siege against the English in the fight to recapture Capri.

Signs of the regal presence are evident in the villa structure, in the furnishings and in the gardens where one can wander amongst centuries-old tree’s and enjoy moments of utter serenity, harmony and splendour.

Between nature’s perfection, the poetry of the panorama’s from the terraces, the fascinating history, Villa Murat is a place in which one cannot help but feel like a king!



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